Perfect perfume profile rendition for fine fragrance sampling activations

Vial sampling
Lift-up perfume sampling

Perfume vial sampling

We produce and fill qualitative glass and plastic vials with custom screenprint decoration and branding. Fully customizable. We offer vials with a nominal perfume content of 1,5 ml up to 10 ml. Available with various color atomizer sprays and booklet designs. Inhouse mixed, filled and packed in our production facility in Aalsmeer (NL).

For most projects the pure perfume(s) are supplied in bulk by the perfume houses of our customer. This ensures a 1-on-1 fragrance profile rendition and on-skin scent sensation.

Our perfume sampling applications are custom formulated, tested and produced for an impeccable fragrance profile rendition.

Lift-up perfume tester booklet

Scent the Brand’s newest fine fragrance & cosmetics sampling technology for on-skin trial: the Lift-up Perfume Tester Booklet.

By opening the finger-lift booklet consumers can effectively test fine fragrances directly on their skin. Each Lift-up Perfume Booklet contains the true perfume resulting in a precise fragrance profile rendition on the skin.

Our Lift-up Perfume Booklet is spill-free, customizable and resealable, making it suitable for multiple sampling touchpoints. It is perfect for fine fragrance and cosmetics brands for sampling in magazine ads, direct mailings, opt-in online campaigns or as an instore/nearstore fragrance sampling tool.